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Ofsted Good School - Rated May 2023
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Honeywell Primary School

West Worcestershire




At Honeywell, we believe that we need to engage our children in understanding the challenges facing people and the planet today and to learn how we can work together to make changes to protect the future.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to transform our world. They are a call to action to end poverty and inequality, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy health, justice and prosperity.


These are goals for developed and developing countries on a global scale. At Honeywell we can make changes on a small scale to contribute to a wider effort to make sustainable changes to secure a better future for all.   


In our connected curriculum, there is a whole school focus on science, sustainability and the future in the summer term. To complement this, sustainability is explored through assemblies, expert speakers like Jo from Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and Mark Douglas from Bee1 as well as the projects led by our Pupil Parliament.


What are we doing at Honeywell?



Protecting Pollinators



Bees are important pollinators. Without bees there would be no fruit or vegetables, food chains would collapse. No more chocolate! We are helping our environment by keeping bees in our meadow. We started with six thousand bees and our colony will double next year. Our bees will pollinate millions of flowering plants which are so important for a healthy environment and climate.



Growing Flowering Plants

Bee Bombs



Making bee bombs is one way of ensuring that we grow enough flowering plants to feed the pollinators.  They are quick and easy to make and great for the environment. We are waiting until spring comes when our bees are going to be very happy.                                              




Assembly Stories to Make us Think


 Author Sarah Roberts zoomed in to share her fantastic book which  explores the dangers of plastic pollution in our seas.


We discovered that many sea creatures are confused by plastic bags and think they are food. Plastic bags can resemble jellyfish and look like tempting prey. This book made us really stop and think.





One Plastic Bag showed us how one female led her community to act and change their environment. Inspiring.









The Boy who lost his Bumble is a beautiful story about human relationships with the natural world.  This character is fascinated by the bees in his garden and is puzzled and saddened when they disappear one rainy day. What can have caused them to leave, and is there anything he can do to get his bumble back?

We considered our changing emotions and managing disappointment. 

Compassion is a core value.