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Ofsted Good School - Rated May 2023
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Honeywell Primary School

West Worcestershire


Oracy Honeywell Primary School



Reading and writing float on a sea of words       James Britton


We want our children to find their voice and use their words with purpose, power and compassion. Oracy is a cohesive element of our connected curriculum.

At Honeywell, we teach children to talk and through talk. Learning to talk involves using our voices confidently and in different ways, choosing our vocabulary and sentences with care. Learning through talk, for example through questioning, discussion, problem solving, reasoning, self- expression and presentation is woven through our connected curriculum.


Evidence has shown:

Oracy supports learning- including developing creativity and critical thinking. 

Oracy is vital for social mobility- supporting children's aspirations and potential in later life.

Oracy is good for social and emotional learning- building resilience and helping children to play well with others.

Oracy opens doors to opportunity- extracurricular activities, pupil parliament and volunteering bring a wide variety of benefits and opportunity.

Oracy is empowering- giving children the skills to develop their voice and to speak out about what matters to them. 

NACE 2018


‘Our ability to use speech to express our thoughts and communicate with others is one of the qualities that makes us uniquely human.’  Transform Teaching and Learning Through Talk  written by Amy Gaunt and Alice Stott







The Four Strands of Oracy. (Acknowledgement to Voice 21 Professional Development resources.)

Implementation Oracy