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Ofsted Good School - Rated May 2023
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Honeywell Primary School

West Worcestershire

Aspiration Curriculum


Our Aspiration Curriculum started in September 2022 after we relaunched as Honeywell Primary School. We want our children to broaden their horizons, understand what they could achieve and raise their aspirations for their futures. We want our pupils to have a clear understanding of the link between achieving well at school and getting into a successful interesting job and career that is not bound by social mobility or gender stereotypes. Through the programme, our children will expand their knowledge and understanding of the world of work, the types of jobs there are and different career paths that they could take - we have called these Aspiration Experiences.



At least once per half term our children in Years 5 and 6 will either visit or be visited by an individual or company from the local area who will share with them a snapshot of their job or area of expertise and talk to them about the path that they took to get there. We will endeavour to ensure that our Aspiration Curriculum reflects the diverse nature of modern Britain and enables both boys and girls to see themselves reflected in the visits and visitors we organise. To ensure that this project is child focussed, the Pupil Parliament have taken an active role in requesting the types of careers we choose to bring into school and visit.



At the end of each Aspiration Experience, we talk to the children about what they have learnt and enjoyed and whether their preconceptions have been changed. We ask whether they have been inspired by the experience and what they will take with them into the future. 

Experiences 2022-23


Redrow Kensington Gate Development- October 2022


The children visited the nearby housing development site and had the chance to experience the house building process in action. They followed the stages of construction from firm foundations, through bricklaying, plastering and wiring to finally experience a finished and furnished family home. They asked questions throughout and were given expert instruction by bricklayers, electricians and the site managers. 


The children had a fantastic time and had no idea how much work went into constructing a house. They enjoyed seeing the construction vehicles and especially the finished house.

"I want to live in that house!"

The best part was tiling the wall - I can do that at home now for my mum and dad..."

"I would love to be a bricklayer - I prefer working outside in shorts..."

"How do I get to be able to drive a digger like that?"